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CAAB's IDA Saver Featured in The New York Times

A participant in the Matched Savings Program at Capital Area Asset Builders (CAAB) was featured in The New York Times. Ms. Camille Saunders used her savings in a CAAB-managed Individual Development Account (IDA) to launch a cleaning services business in Washington, DC.

A Gaping Hole in the Safety Net

By Patricia Cohen
The New York Times
February 17, 2015

The safety net helped keep Camille Saunders from falling, but not Charles Constance.

The difference? Ms. Saunders has a job, and Mr. Constance does not. And therein lies a tale of a profound shift in government support for low-income Americans at a time when stagnating wages and unstable schedules have kept many workers living near or below the poverty line.

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