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Through its Financial Education, Matched Savings and Consumer Education programs, and research and advocacy, Capital Area Asset Builders (CAAB) is working to ensure that all residents in the Greater DC area have opportunities to save and invest in their dreams.

Financial Education Program

CAAB’s Financial Education Program sponsors and/or conducts seminars, workshops and one-on-one sessions on a wide range of financial topics such as setting financial goals, developing and managing a spending plan, choosing financial products and services, understanding credit, managing debt, saving for college, understanding the basics of investing, and saving for the achievement of a financial goal.

Matched Savings Program

CAAB’s Matched Savings Program is a savings program to assist you live your dreams. CAAB’s Matched Savings Program assists residents of the Greater DC area to save money to go to college or a professional or trade school, buy a home, or start or expand a business.

Consumer Education Program

CAAB—together with Community Tax Aid (CTA) and the Central American Resources Center (CARECEN)—manages the DC EITC Campaign, a citywide campaign to educate taxpayers about the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and other tax benefits that can boost their annual incomes. Approximately 50,000 DC residents claim the federal and local EITC each year, channeling more than $120 million into the local community.

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Matched Savings Program

How to give

Now, more than ever, non-profits like Capital Area Asset Builders (CAAB) need your help. Please support CAAB as we continue to help DC residents manage and/or improve their financial situation during these difficult times. If you can't afford to give a monetary gift, please visit our Amazon Wish List where you can choose from a variety of items that CAAB needs in order to better serve our community.

or send a check or money order to
Capital Area Asset Builders (CAAB)
c/o Joseph Leitmann-Santa Cruz, CEO & Executive Director
1100 15th St, NW, 4th Floor 
Washington, DC 20005